Vimya ― Control Autodesk® Maya® from within Vim…

I uploaded Vimya to the scripts section of It is a simple Vim plugin that allows you to execute the contents of the current buffer (or visual selection) in Autodesk® Maya®. Both MEL and Python scripts are supported. You need a Vim version with built-in Python support, for example the vim-nox package in Debian.

Download Vimya from

News about the plugin will be posted here, an Atom feed is also available.

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Some news…

Since Internet Explorer can't handle XHTML 1.1 (at least versions 5, 5.5 and 6, versions 7 and later do not run with Wine), I modified the pages - again - to be valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. Real browsers will see the application/xhtml+xml content type, and browsers that do not accept this will get text/html pages, based on the Accept header.

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About the current initramfs-simple version…

The version of initramfs-simple currently available is an old version, written for Debian Etch. Though the script itself works fine on Lenny (and probably also on Squeeze and Sid), the examples provided may require a few changes. I will not update initramfs-simple because of that, if you are using it you should know how to make it work - if not, do not use it! Just keep that in mind if you want to use the examples…

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I uploaded some computer animations I created. Some MEL and/or Python/Pymel scripts will be available soon. Enjoy!

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Site update…

Internet Explorer users should now be able to access the pages, they will be served with the text/html MIME type for them. Those using a real browser will still get valid XHTML 1.1 pages with the correct MIME type (application/xhtml+xml).

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