Download Mover

Download Mover is a small program to check one or more directories in regular intervals for new files and move these files to another location. You may configure as many source folders as you like, different types of files can be moved to different target folders (or not moved at all).

Installation instructions and further information can be found in the file Readme.txt included in the archive.

Note: This project is discontinued, there will be no updates for Download Mover! The latest version is still available for download.


Everybody seems to like pictures, so here they are...


You need Microsoft Windows to use this program. Development and testing was done on Windows XP, it will most likely run on other versions, too. Just try.



Download (version 1.1, 2005/08/30, 342 kB)

Note: The .rar archive is no longer available, requests will be redirected to the .zip file!


Copyright © 2005 Stefan Göbel

This program is Freeware. Use it at your own risk!

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