Vimya 0.4 Released

I just uploaded a new version of Vimya. It is now possible to set a custom temporary directory, and use Tail Bundle’s Tail command instead of TabTail (it’s still the default, though). See the documentation for details.

I also moved the Git repository and bug tracker to Bitbucket.

In the future, updates will be posted at, not on this page anymore. Please update your bookmarks.

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Insert tab characters in Bash

Since tab completion is usually enabled in the Bash shell, you can not insert the tab character itself. While typing a single tab character is easy — just hit Ctrl-V and then Tab ⇆ — this doesn't work when pasting a script. The solution: run ~$ bind "set disable-completion on" and then paste the stuff. To enable tab completion again, run ~$ bind "set disable-completion off"

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New project page…

I've created a new page for some projects, including some projects already mentioned here, at It is based on Trac (slightly modified, still without blackjack and hookers) and provides a bug tracker, wiki, code browser etc. for every project.

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Vimya 0.2 — bug fixed…

Well, I guess Vimya isn't that popular, maybe nobody tried to use it with a Windows version of Vim, and if someone did: Why didn't he tell me that it did not work?

Yes, it was a really stupid bug — unescaped backslashes in some path names — anyway, it should work now. So get the fixed version from and replace the two old files.

Oh, and I created a project page for Vimya on Gitorious.

BTW, the plugin works fine with gVim Portable if you enable Python support as described in the previous post.

Download Vimya from Visit the project page on Gitorious.

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How to use gVim Portable with Python…

The official gVim Portable is built without built-in Python support. If you need it:

That's it. Now start gVim Portable and try to run a Python command, eg. :py import platform; print platform.system()

Note: In an earlier version of this post the Portable Python development release from was used instead of Moveable Python. This does not work because of some issues with module loading.

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