Fluid simulations

Fluid simulation #1

Fluid Simulation #1 A simple example of a wind tunnel like 2D fluid simulation:

download basic2d.avi Xvid/AVI 640x480 2.5 MB 0:50 min

Fluid simulation #2

Fluid Simulation #2 A simple character animation, including another example of a wind tunnel. This was done during the computer animation course at TU Ilmenau in 2008.

Copyright © 2008 Stefan Göbel & Antje Kantreiter.

download windtunnel.avi Xvid/AVI 640x480 13 MB 1:48 min

RealFlow simulation #1

RealFlow® simulation #1 A simple water-like fluid simulation, created using RealFlow, rendered with Maya.

download liquid.avi Xvid/AVI 640x480 1.9 MB 0:20 min


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