Plox is a simple Perl blogging application, heavily inspired by Blosxom, but written from scratch. Blog entries are stored in the file system, no database is required to run Plox. To create, edit or delete an entry all you have to do is create, edit or delete a plain text file.

To get an impression of what a Plox featured blog looks like, see the news page of this site. The actual page style is completely customizable, Template Toolkit is used as template processing system. Basic example templates are included in the Plox distribution.

Note: Any news on Plox development will be posted on the news page, an Atom feed is also available.



Installation instructions can be found in the README file included in the archive. If you have any questions, please send a mail to


There is currently no end user documentation of Plox available, basic usage instructions can be found in the README file. Documentation for developers is included in the Perl files in POD format, use the perldoc command to display it.


The minimum requirements are:

Additionally, if you want to use the FastCGI version of Plox (recommended):

Apache's mod_rewrite (or similar when using another server) is recommended, but not required.

Note that some plugins may require additional modules or even external programs to be available, check the documentation of the plugins for details.


Most of the functionality of Plox is provided by plugins, with the Plox core plugin doing most of the work. Additional plugins can by used to add or modify the data gathered by the core plugin, making it easy to extend Plox with every feature you need. The following plugins are currently included in the Plox distribution:



Download plox-0.1.2.tar.gz (version 0.1.2, 2009/07/07, 42 kB)


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