I uploaded some computer animations I created. Some MEL and/or Python/Pymel scripts will be available soon. Enjoy!

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Internet Explorer users should now be able to access the pages, they will be served with the text/html MIME type for them. Those using a real browser will still get valid XHTML 1.1 pages with the correct MIME type (application/xhtml+xml).

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enciso, a Perl script that uses GnuPG, aespipe and genisoimage to create encrypted ISO9660 images, is now available.

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I will put some new content on this site, more or less useful shell and Perl scripts for Linux. The scripts were written on a Debian Etch system, but should run on any distribution that meets the requirements, see the particular pages for details. There's only one script available for now, more will be uploaded as soon as possible.

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